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Never Never

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we had it the best
honeyed kisses, endless wishes
but now it’s just a mess
you wanted me to come
but i couldn’t grab your hand
because i had no dust
and you wanted never never

my pockets full of marbles
the world tethered me down
oh i can’t believe i missed out
on your never never
and i’m breathing all their sins
husks of men full of lust
songs of sirens singing ‘em
straight to their deaths

i see you up in the sky
the clouds your stage
your shining fingers reaching
enough to burn my hair gold
never never, you say
and all the pain will go away

i’m waist deep in this muck
can’t stop from saving these fools
thieves, liars and cowards
oh my hands are just to keep them
from sinking any deeper
i can’t seem to get one free
to come to your never never

for you i’m gonna save them all
all the love that can’t reach you
i’ll use to burn up all the pain
oh to get to your never never
i’ll carry these fallen on my back
gonna eat the bad away
and cry for forty days and forty nights

then maybe i can reach you
but i know it ain’t now
there’s too much hatin’
and not enough healin’
oh but when i get tired
i kiss your fingertips
to keep fighting towards
your never never

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