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Not a Hit and Miss

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Winter is the steadfast love
Spring is the sweetest love
Summer is the hottest love
but Autumn is the dying love

the air is still so warm
but that breeze comes by
and i know it’s a dying love
a passion that’s a cancer
trying to live while
it’s all fading to fall
crisp mottled leaves
twist through the air
i raise my arms
just to hold onto the sun
for a moment longer

it’s just so addictive
the trees reach down to me
and kiss my skin gold
and the foliage underneath
streaks my hair like hot fire
would it be a tragedy
if my beauty only blossoms
in the fall?

the waters are still warm
deep down from the summer
but the surface is cool
and i gasp
like the first time
we made heat together
between our hands
while our knuckles
were growing cold

i only love
when everything is falling
curling up and dying
shattering on the ground
is this some sort of curse
or perhaps
some sort of cosmic lesson
that autumn love
living while dying
is the bravest love.

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