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Just because she tippietoes, doesn't mean she's a creepin'.

Better I Swear.

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I’m smoking another cigarette
just like the five before
my jacket and tie on the floor
if you were still here
I’d take better care
I swear

when you went away baby
your suitcase just didn’t have clothes
somewhere under your favorite shirt
you stole my heart
and shut it away
the last I saw of it
it was heading the california way

I can’t hate you for
this hole in my chest
lady lonesome
like ghost conductor
taking my train of regrets
straight on through

Please honey
couldn’t you consider it
because I got nothin’ left
just open that suitcase
and pull the window up
doesn’t matter the weather
I know it beats so slow
but it can find a way back

Maybe then
like a blood hound
it will lead me back
to the place
I ought to be

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  1. Jess, your stuff is really good! So far, my favorite is Better I Swear…but I haven’t read everything.

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